The Bishop and the Beggar

After some success at festivals, short film The Bishop and the Beggar has been released online. It is produced by Trinity Digital, a Scottish production company that aims to give its audience “a cinematic expedition into the Christian faith”.

Telling the deceptively simple story of a troubled churchman and a local homeless girl, the film weaves an unusual morality tale. In asking viewers to judge Christianity based on actions rather than appearances, The Bishop and the Beggar delivers an important message, while retaining just enough ambiguity to stay credible.

The gritty shooting style offers moments of beauty, and makes good use of locations and lighting to emphasise the emotional beats. The main cast acquit themselves well, but the depths their characters sink to are a bit much for such a brief story – there’s not enough space in the 12 minute runtime to fully empathise with them.

On the other hand, too often short films from new filmmakers can be muddled and self-indulgent, but director Murdo Macleod tells his story with efficiency and conviction. No mean feat, and worth a watch.

It can be seen via this link.

★★★★☆ A thoughtful and worthwhile showcase of upcoming talent.

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